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Tax Planning for Startup Businesses in Florida

If you are considering starting a new business or making a substantial investment in a new business, the choices you make at the planning stage can have profound tax consequences to you throughout the life of your business or investment. Therefore, it is important that you choose an experienced tax lawyer who understands the nature of your business and can provide you with appropriate structuring advice so that you will operate as tax-efficiently as possible.

Tax Planning for Startup Businesses in Florida

Cohen, Chase, Hoffman & Schimmel, P.A., has a long history of counseling entrepreneur and investors in the creation and structuring of their businesses. Our experience includes working with individual or multiple owners (including family members), dealing with manufacturing, sales (retail and wholesale), service (personal and professional), real estate (construction, sales and rentals) and other businesses.

Miami Business Formation and Tax Planning Attorneys

Although every engagement presents different facts and client expectations, almost all startup situations require counsel’s assistance in the following areas, all of which are income tax sensitive:

  • Selecting the most tax-efficient and operationally effective legal form of entity (e.g., regular corporation, “S” corporation, partnership, limited liability company)
  • If there will be multiple owners, preparing ownership agreements that deal with issues such as management responsibility, financial obligations, timing of cash distributions, allocation of taxable income and loss, voting requirements for day-to-day and major decisions, ability to transfer ownership of entity during the lifetime or death of an owner
  • Preparing employment agreements for key employees
  • Coordinating the startup with the client’s accounting professional
  • Assisting in obtaining licenses, where required

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