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Miami Asset Preservation Planning Lawyer

As we have worked with high net worth clients, some of whom are engaged in high-risk businesses or professions and all of whom are concerned about protecting what they have worked hard to earn and accumulate, we have developed a concentration in asset protection planning. Woven into an overall plan of income, gift and estate planning, asset protection planning should not be ignored.

Depending on a client’s goals, concerns and assets, the attorneys at Cohen, Chase, Hoffman & Schimmel, P.A., bring an extensive array of wealth preservation techniques to our clients’ attention and for their consideration.

Miami Asset Protection Planning Attorney

Asset protection planning should be considered and accomplished prior to any claims being threatened or filed or any judgments entered against a client. Our advice never involves hiding assets or relying upon secrecy to achieve success. Rather, available asset protection strategies that should be followed generally involve the manner in which assets are held, the types of investments that are made, and the entities through which assets and businesses are owned.

The planning that we suggest to our clients ranges from simple to complex techniques requiring substantial planning and documentation.

Broward County International and Domestic Asset Protection Attorney

Some of the asset protection strategies that we recommend to our clients include:

  • Ownership by married couples as tenants by the entirety
  • Taking advantage of exemptions granted by state and/or federal law
  • Spendthrift trusts and Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs)
  • Domestic asset protection trusts formed in debtor friendly states in the United States
  • Limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Homestead planning
  • Individual retirement accounts, pensions, annuities and life insurance
  • Wage earner accounts
  • Advice on offshore asset protection trusts and entities established in debtor friendly countries

Begin Protecting Your Assets

For an appointment regarding asset protection trusts and other strategies to minimize exposure to creditors, please contact our experienced attorneys at 786-338-9986 or toll free at +1-866-521-5391.

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