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Miami Business and Tax Planning Lawyer

Miami Business and Tax Planning Attorney

At Cohen, Chase, Hoffman & Schimmel, P.A., our knowledgeable attorneys bring experience in various areas of our tax and business law practice, including:

  • Estate and gift planning — Business and wealth succession and asset transfer planning are among our fortes. We bring our backgrounds and over 100 years of collective experience in legal, tax, financial and family matters together to help our clients structure their wealth transfer plans, from basic estate planning documents to the most complicated of plans involving limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and an endless variety of trusts. We do not just produce documents . . . we work closely with our clients and their financial planning team to construct a true estate plan which will carry out our clients’ desires while minimizing the tax burden.
  • Probate and trust administration — Death brings changes as property must be moved from a decedent’s ownership to creditors or beneficiaries. Moreover, significant tax consequences can be triggered. All of this occurs when families are often distraught and grieving. The goal of your probate and trust administration attorney is to employ effective strategies to efficiently handle the trust or estate administration process, while minimizing estate and income tax exposure.
  • Foreign income, gift and estate tax planning — In this complex area, our lawyers work with domestic and international clients to find the most effective planning and structuring strategies. We carefully balance the problems posed by the interaction of U.S. and foreign laws to deal with tax and legal compliance issues.
  • Tax controversy — Dealing with the IRS without a true professional puts you at a significant disadvantage. If you are facing an audit or need help with an appeal, we have decades of experience and the knowledge to effectively deal with the IRS.
  • Business entities — Establishing or acquiring a business requires an experienced attorney to handle all of the legal aspects. Liability must be minimized. Partners must be clear in their individual decision-making roles to avoid disputes.
  • Tax planning for startup businesses — Whether you are setting up an accounting firm with a single location or a company in multiple locations throughout the world; we can help select and organize the appropriate entity to start operations while minimizing tax exposures.
  • Professional entities and individuals — Our experience in this area of business and tax law involves helping medical, legal and accounting professionals set up, operate or merge practices with peers in their industry. We consult and prepare the entity’s organic documents to properly reflect the expectations of the parties.
  • Premarital and Postmarital consultation — We represent spouses in tax and asset planning in regard to property acquired before and during a marriage and the impact of a possible divorce.
  • Asset preservation planning — We help limit exposure of personal assets from claims of creditors filing garnishments, liens and judgments against you.

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